Next Up: Google Sitemaps for zenphoto

Jun 28

Someone over at the zenphoto forum requested a google sitemap plugin.  It sounds like a good idea, so I’ve started looking into it.  I figure this will be a good experience for me as I have never created a sitemap before…  I know that makes me a horrible developer, but I guess we’ll just have to look past that won’t we.

Anyway, the idea is sound and it’s something worthwhile at least for my own experience.  I think I’m set as far as learning the structure of a sitemap, although I need to look into details for how many levels of childmaps you can have.  I am also in a temporary holding pattern as i decide where/how to break into childmaps.  It would seem that a childmap for every album/sub album would be appropriate, so that is my most likely avenue to pursue, although I will probably start off with just a single large map for testing purposes.  Maybe I should make it an option?

Here are some of the major features I’d like to build into the plugin:

  • Sitemap entry for every gallery/album/image page.
  • Do not create entry for unpublished albums (plugin option).
  • Support childmaps on a per (sub)album level. (plugin option)
  • Notify google of sitemap updates (optional)
  • Notify other service(i.e. yahoo/msn/whoever) of sitemap updates (optional/long term goal)

I really don’t know what features are highly desired by people, so if you stumble upon this post and it’s fairly current, please comment and let me know.


  1. please develop this plugin….i need it badly…for seo

  2. I apologize, I’ve been really busy with family issues and didn’t even see this comment. That also means I haven’t had time to work on the plugin. Don’t fret though, I’m still planning on it!

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