Still busy, In case it wasn’t obvious.

Nov 04

For anyone keeping track, life is still busy for me.  My work has actually been keeping me pretty occupied and I have been trying to focus free time on my family.  Sorry for the delays on any projects, but that’s how it goes when it’s just a hobby.  Something else always seems to have priority.

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  1. Hey Jeremy

    I just wanted to say that I think your Plugin for Google Checkout on Zenphoto works amazingly. I have been having trouble trying to get the plugin to work properly with Internet Explorer 6. It works good on 7 and of course firefox works no problem. I noticed that the cart is using an old google checkout script, I have tried replacing bits of code here and there to get it to work right with IE6 but I’m afraid I don’t have that much PHP knowledge. If you could help me out in any way to get this thing to work with IE6 I would greatly appreciate it. You can contact me at the Gmail account that I provided.

    Thanks A BUNCH!!!!

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