Here’s the lowdown.

Okay so maybe it’s not that low, but I thought it would add to the suspense.  I’ve been developing websites personally and professionally since about 1997.  Now just let me clarify that a little.  I don’t really count the first 6 years 🙂  It was just a phase for me and I didn’t really focus my attention, so I only made garbage…  Then in about 2002 I started dabbling some more and looked eagerly at CSS.  Again it was just some random fiddling with no purpose and I decided that I couldn’t understand the CSS craze and gave up again.  Enter 2004 and some requests from friends to help setup a website for a gaming clan.  I had done some recent playing and felt I had a grasp on CSS (finally.) So off I went to build the site.  I was laying everything out and thought “There should be a way to have the same page where only one section changes without building a bunch of identical files…”  I went to my favorite pal Google and did some searching.

When I found PHP I knew it was exactly what I needed.  Since then I’ve been hooked.  I love being able to create something with just a text editor and a good layout.  I started with the clan site and built in some database features for storing clan members followed by a random gamercard grabber.  I should’ve stopped there, but I thought about how great it would be to have your own custom designed Gamercards that you had control of.  Not being able to leave well enough alone I search out a script (link coming later) and started modifying.  Then I decided to make it Object Oriented, then I made it an extendable base class.

Since then I’ve worked on a few Facebook applications along with some small personal projects.  I really enjoy the research of new frameworks and technologies, even if it does keep me up late scratching my head.  I will try to keep this site current with my projects, portfolio, and research.

Enjoy your visit!